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Our Services

Full Grooms: Full grooming’s include whatever clip you would like, a bath, nails clipped, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned, and cologne to give a paged77763finishing touch. Prices may vary depending on breed and condition of coat.

Bath and Brush: A bath and brush includes just that! A good bath and comb out, feet and face trimmed, nails, anal glands expressed, and ears cleaned, and cologne to give a finishing touch. Prices may vary depending on breed and condition of coat.

Express Groom: Some pets are sensitive to being away from their owners, or just have a hard time being around other animals. With the express groom, we can get your pet in and out in under three hours. This service costs between $10.00 to $20.00 depending on size of pet.

Nail Trims: Pets, like kids, enjoy giving their parents a difficult time just because they can! If your pet needs a nail trim in between grooming’s, bring them on in! $10.00

Nail Grinding: This is a great thing to have done if you have hardwood floors, or don’t enjoy getting scratched when your pet jumps up on you. Grinding smoothes the nails over to get rid of the sharp edges left from just clipping. $10.00 (if you choose both clipping and grinding the cost is $15.00)

paged8773Nail Painting: Yes, we paint nails! We have a variety of colors to choose from. $10.00

Ear Cleaning: We always use cotton balls to act as ear plugs during the bathing process as well as the drying process, to prevent water from getting in the ears, which causes infections and to help block the noise from the dryer. But it is important to remove excess residue from the ears to prevent buildup. We use a special ear cleaner to get rid of it as well as any moisture.

Anal Glands: Often times pet owners are unaware of the importance of having their pets gland expressed. These glands are also known as “scent glands” due to the fact that animals “express” the scent to act as a marking of their territory or when the animal is startled. The odor is anything but nice. If it gets on the pet or your clothes, it requires soap and a good cleaning to paged775remove the smell. Not only is the smell atrocious, if the glands are not emptied, they can become impacted which is extremely painful and can even cause an infection which could result in your pet getting the E-Coli bacteria. This is included with every grooming process, but can also be done in between grooming’s if needed.  $12.00

Teeth Brushing: Another important factor for your pets health is clean teeth. Just like humans, pets can get cavities, as well as abscessed teeth and plaque buildup, which can cause periodontal disease. If this is left untreated, it can cause a bacterial infection, which can get into the bloodstream, spreading to their kidneys, liver, heart, and even their brain. Brushing your pets teeth will not remove all plaque, giving them chew bones as well as getting their teeth scraped is key, but it is a great start for good dental hygiene. $5.00paged7093

FURminator: The FURminator is a great deshedding tool. It reduces shedding by up to 90%! When it is used along with our force blow dryer, it works miracles to remove the obnoxious undercoats.

Skunk Baths: PEW! Skunk scent is probably one of the most difficult odors to remove. Although there are a lot of concoctions out there that people say work, we found one that seems to work the best. Skunk odor usually takes about 6 months or so to fully get out of the coat, but after a skunk bath, you can usually only smell it if your pet gets wet. $15.00

Flea and Tick Baths: Fleas are pesky, disgusting, little bothers that can do more damage then you may think. The female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. They also have a four stage life cycle which makes them very impervious to extermination tactics. Like any insect, they very well may carry diseases. Fleas cause your pet to itch and scratch vigorously, causing great discomfort, but paged231they can also cause you to start itching! Fleas can jump up to 14 to 16 inches and have no issue with biting you! Giving your pet a flea bath will NOT eliminate the flea infestation, but it gets the process started! Topical treatments such as Advantage (TM) and Frontline(TM) work very well to do the trick.

Ticks are also quite disgusting and can be very dangerous due to the lyme disease they may carry as well as other diseases. If your pet has ticks, bring them in immediately! Removing them needs to be done very carefully because if you just yank it off of their skin, the ticks head may stay stuck in the skin, or may pull a good size chunk of skin off with it. Ouch! $15.00

Specialty Shampoos:paged3

Pets can have all sorts of skin problems. From excessive dry skin, allergies, parasites, all the way to underlying illnesses. We have several wonderful specialty shampoos that we use depending on the issue. Oatmeal is great for dry, itchy skin. Hypoallergenic works very well for pets (or humans) with allergies.

Medicated shampoos are used to help with problems a little bit bigger then dry skin. If you received a special shampoo from your veterinarian, please bring it in and we will use that during the bathing process. Any special shampoos that we provide cost and additional $6.00

Spa Selection Shampoos: If you want your pet to have a “spa” day, try out these exotic smelling shampoos to give a full relaxing experience. $6.00


We do not use cage dryers, we hand dry pets with high powered blow dryers, cutting drying time in half. We do have a timed dryer that hooks on cages to do a finishing dry for the heads and ears.